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Cooking bag 'Farm look'

Cooking bag 'Farm look'

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The modern replacement for the classic hay box. Also called heat stove, cooking bag, wonder bag, slow cooker or cooking bag. The function is the same as the hay box. You will save energy by cooking or keeping food warm with this handmade cooking bag.

The cooking bag is made of vintage fabrics and is filled with Fiberfill which insulates the heat. The stove comes with a 'hat'. This can be placed ON the stove for optimal heat retention. Also suitable for smaller pans, because the hat can also be placed IN the bag. This reduces the space so it will keep a smaller pan warm.
Suitable for pans of approximately Ø 22 cm and smaller
Contents approx. 4 litres

Uses and benefits
All the food that you bring to boil and allow to cook can be placed in the cooking bag. Bring it to the boiling point and place your pan in the bag. Because the food stays warm, it cooks just as well as if you would let it cook on the stove. Only it takes much less energy!
Most foods cook in the same amount of time it takes to cook them. There are also many recipes for special stews available on the internet.

The bag can also be used to let dough or batter rise. You can use it for dough for bread or pizza and batter.

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