Rent my designs

Use my designs for example for portfolio shoots as a model, hair stylist, styling or make-up student. Also my designs are great for content shoots for influencers, workshops, campaign shoots or red carpet events.

How does it work?

You can find an overview of available designs to rent on my website.

When requesting a design let me know the following:

1. What is the purpose of the shoot or the kind of event. For example free work or campaign
2. Date of the shoot/event
3. Date the design is returned

Rental policy

1. One rental equals one person wearing the outfit during a shoot.

2. Eating and drinking in the clothes: The model is not allowed to consume anything while wearing the clothes.

3. To assure my designs are being handled with care, I ask for a deposit of two times the rental price per item.

4. Shipment: three days before the shoot, the package will be registered and sent to you with PostNL. The design should be returned one day after the shoot.

5. I ask for a rental agreement to be signed. After the payment is completed and I received the signed contract I can ship the design.

The costs for shipping + return are for the renter.

The design will be sent by registered mail (rate 2023: € 9,60).

Signature is required for this form of shipment, and the shipment is insured up to € 500.

Pick up and return

It is also possible to pick up the design at my workplace in Maurik. The deposit will then be settled in cash or with a payment request. Agreements are made in advance about this.

I ask for my designs to be returned insured.