Viva la cortina!

With this collection I wanted to challenge myself (and others) to look at curtains in a new way. Almost every home has curtains. Which means that there are also a lot of curtains and curtain samples from stores being replaced every now and then and available to make new things out of, such as clothes. The initial inspiration came from the way of dressing in ancient Greece. The clothes were made by draping basic shaped garments on the body. In the collection I experimented with this idea.

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“Curtains are our prisoners; they feel free only when they escape out of the windows and fly in the air freely!

I started out with second hand curtain samples I upcycled into my design. I wanted to make my designs zero waste so I based my patterns on geometric shapes and designed by using moulage, pleating and folding technique and experimenting with cutting in the fabric.

The material I used didn’t have to be created for this collection because it already existed. The material came from previous curtain store collections. When the new collection came the old samples lost their purpose. By redesigning the samples into clothes they got a new purpose.
I have made an effort to make my designs timeless, so they won´t be affected by trends. The curtain fabric is very sturdy so it doesn’t damage so easily which makes it last a long time.

This collection is circular because the materials are recycled in the first place by creating a new design out of it. During the production I only used mono-materials, so it would be easier to recycle into new fabric when the clothing is at the end of its life. The buttons and zippers can be used in the production of new garments.