spring 2020

Stop and smell the flowers

The collection is a reminder to be fully present in the moment. With printed messages like ‘memento mori’, ‘carpe diem’, skulls, hourglasses and of course flowers, the collection is a reminder to slow down, to look for and enjoy the beauty of life, and to take a moment to simply be, and reconnect. But the collection is also a reminder to appreciate life and mother nature. With this collection we would like you to stop your business as usual and rethink your actions.

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A reminder to be fully present in the moment

The fashion system is broken. Globally we produce up to 100 billion pieces of clothing a year, taking a terrible toll on the planet and people who make them. There is an abundance of clothing and textiles already in circulation which is why this collection was produced only using deadstock and leftover materials. But also through redesigning existing clothes. By creatively repairing, re-using, altering and upcycling we have minimised the use of new resources, creating a collection existing of unique, one of a kind items.

With this collection Stephastique would like to encourage you to quiet your mind, step back from distractions. To stop and smell the flowers, before it is too late.