Through the looking glass

Due to the spread of COVID19 worldwide we have decided to hold a online fashion stream.

Together with nine other international and national designers we will showcase our work via our online platform. Because we are all affected by the current pandemic we find it important that designers and models can still come together but then in a virtual way.

The online fashion show is inspired by the movie Alice through the looking glass. The show is accessible for all to see, via YouTube, Facebook and or Instagram. You don’t want to miss it!

Photo’s by Marcel Schwab and Cornelis Blokbergen
Models by Diversity Model Agency

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The collection is about looking in the mirror and being able to be proud of who you see

Alice is the ultimate muse. She is not afraid to look at her reflection in the mirror and to be herself. She fights battles for the ones she loves. That’s why the collection is inspired by the movie ‘Alice through the looking glass’ and is characterised by expressive prints, colors, fabric manipulation and recycling.

The combination of colors and remarkable textiles resulted in expressive outfits that could just as well have been worn by the eccentric characters from the movie.

The collection is about looking in the mirror and being able to be proud of who you see, but is also meant to hold up a mirror to the viewer about the consumer society we live in. The upcycling of old garments and use of deadstock materials is a statement against fast fashion. I hope that the next time you are shopping for a new outfit and you see yourself in the mirror of the dressingroom, you ask yourself; can I be proud of what I see? Or could I do better by making more sustainable choices?