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The XR hot climate calender has launched!

The XR hot climate calender has launched!

Extinction Rebellion presents: the XR Hot Climate Calendar 2022! 

Time is ticking as the climate is regarded. How could we make the climate more attractive? We threw in eroticism! Dozens of rebels worked on this Hot Climate Calendar for more than a year.

What can you expect?

  • 12 months, 12 climate-themes
  • rebels from all parts of the movement, young, old, all kinds of people, drags, transpersons, and a celebrity
  • free range animals and a climate clown
  • sexy outfits made from secondhand material, by talented designer-rebels
  • I collaborated on a couple of  outfits for this calender and even modeled for one of the shoots.
  • english and dutch stories on the themes by rebels, scientists or both
  • pictures made by well-known photographers: Sander Dekker, Daantje Bons, Jakob van Vliet, Paul Buckley
  • the calendar is printed on 100 % recycled paper
  • you can use it for 2022 but afterwards it can easily serve as birthday calendar
  • expect sexy pictures and a few nipples, but no explicit nudity, so you can give it to anyone, your grandmother included

We are very proud of this product, everyone contributed out of idealism and for free. Our main goal is to draw attention to the climate in all it’s aspects. The ‘profit’ of this calendar will go to Extinction Rebellion to finance actions.

You can order your calender here.


Credits pig shoot:

I designed and made my own outfit for this shoot.
David Pronker (a.k.a Daafit) designed and made Arian her outfit.
Stefanie Wels (a.k.a. Stofenas) designed and made Deniz her outfit.
Location: Vlindertuin Mot in Mokum
Models: Arian Vreugd and Deniz Ozkil and me
Assistents: Bouke Klok, Eileen Velthuis, Jivan Anjee and Lara van der Beek
Photographer: Daantje Bons

Credits apocalyps shoot:
Models: Eileen (a.k.a. Mannish Pixel) and Shaun (a.k.a. Fabric Thread)
Outfit for Eileen made and designed by Jamie Nee and me, in collaboration with Stefanie Wels (a.k.a. Stofenas)
Outfit for Shaun made and designed by Stefanie Wels and Meghan Hutchens 
Photography: Sander Dekker

We have been featured by dutch magazine Panorama. To read more click here.