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Jackets for PvdD Noord-Holland

Jackets for PvdD Noord-Holland

I met Partij voor de Dieren Noord-Holland politician Ines Kostic while I was working on a project for Political Catwalk. I created an outfit for Ines that represented her as a person.

Ines was so enthusiastic about my work and shared vision on animal rights that she asked me to create some custom made jackets. She, Jaap Hollebeek and Fabian Zoon where looking for something special to wear during the ‘dag der begroting’. The custom made jackets represented their love for nature and the importance to stop deforestation. The jackets gave their statement extra depth. 

To create the jackets I used GOTS certified cotton. The leaves are dyed using a watercolor technique. To create the illustrated like effect I used a thick black thread for the details.