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Memento Momentum Playsuit


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One of a kind sustainable playsuit by Stephastique.

This item is made of deadstock material and was part of the collection Memento Momentum.


Material: polyester, cotton, acrylic.


Chest: 94 cm

Waist: 78 cm


The collection Memento Momentum is inspired by the corona period which we live in today. Memento means remember. Momentum means the force that keeps an object moving or keeps an event developing after it has started. The time we live in now can be a turning point in history if we don’t forget the things we learned from it.


Credits photo 3:
Photography: Jean Evan de Waele
Model: Djinti
Agency: DMA Models


Credits photo 4:
Photography: Sara Li
Styling/Art Directing: Pulse 2.0 Magazine and Daisy van der Veen
Concept: I AM MORE project by Diversity Model Agency
Mua: Beauty by Sana
Hair: Annemieke Tip
Location: The Upside Down
Model: Enya
Agency: DMA Models

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Memento Momentum Playsuit


1 in stock