Introducing Stephastique, a brand new label that produces funky handmade and made-to-measure clothing. Each piece is made with love and ethically produced using sustainable garments.


Motivated by a utopian vision of living in nature and the modern world, Stephastique is creating garments for today's conscious individual. The collections are a new take on vintage.


Through the engineered design of innovative, sustainable textiles into genuine garments, Stephastique leads by example. Dedicated to taking positive action in the fashion industry, the brand does not compromise on quality, style or the essence of who they are.




We celebrate individuality with loud colours and bold clothing that is inspired by an eclectic mix of histories biggest style icons. Colour is therapeutic, so wear a piece of our clothing and see how much it can affect you positively!


Most of all, we want you to stay sassy and be yourself, always.