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Fashionshow during Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week 2021

Fashionshow during Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week 2021

After a year of nothing at all, Pointsmade and DMA Models went to work enthusiastically to set up a fun fashion show that is accessible to everyone. 5 Fashion designers, Speelsdesign, Stephastique, Shabnam Davlatova, Kasper Jongejan and Mia Stik, have designed their own sustainable collection. They worked with recycled materials and sustainable fabrics. All this was filmed in collaboration with Stage24 at a unique location. The new Upcycle Center in Almere Haven.

This film will be presented on September 25. During this day you can also enjoy an exhibition of sustainable designs by different designers and a photo shoot will be done. Throughout the day, the music is provided by various DJs from the Patterns Studio. Even the fashion studio is prepared for your visit. See how waste materials are used in a sustainable way.

There is plenty of space to come and watch, but keep each other in mind.

Extra info

Start date: 25/09/2021
End date: 25/09/2021
Start time: 13:00
End time: 17:00

Read more about the collection here