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A Hot Climate Calendar, spicy outfits from second-hand material

A Hot Climate Calendar, spicy outfits from second-hand material

As hot as possible, as hot as the planet. That is the motto behind the hot climate calendar.

Extinction Rebellion, XR, as the movement is also called, is a young climate movement that came over from England about two years ago. The group is non-hierarchical, non-violent and often uses civil disobedience such as blocking intersections. The actions are often creative.

Creative, just like the idea for the calendar. Climate problems are urgent, but are not yet receiving the attention that is needed in society. So, as designers of Extinction Rebellion, we decided: let’s throw in some eroticism.

This is how the idea for a Hot Climate Calendar was born.

Tires, rags and empowerment

Of course, the calendar had to be made as sustainable as possible. Our calendar collection is therefore made of second-hand material, such as safety vests, car tires and rags. The calendar has thirteen months, and the models are rebels in sexy outfits. Each month has a climate theme, such as post-apocalypse, recycling and ‘fossil isn’t sexy’. The 13th month is a bonus month. We ran into problems during the shoot in question because the owner of the site thought the photos ‘too sexy’ and did not give permission for publication.

The photos are taken by professional photographers with an edgy style. Sander Dekker and Daantje Bons, among others, contributed to our project free of charge. I myself am one of the fashion designers for the calendar. We have chosen for as diverse as possible ‘models’ that can be seen in the sexy outfits. These rebels are, old, young, dragking, dragqueen, transgender, non-binary and of various origins. Everyone is featured.

No clohting hangers

The models are more than fun clothing hangers. We present personalities who are committed to the climate. As a result, the calendar shows more than fun outfits and climate-oriented themes. The calendar is about empowerment. As a human being you do not derive your value from labels or things. The idea that a person needs a lot of luxury and stuff as a status symbol has actually damaged the climate. We show powerful people who are beautiful in their own right without needing brand labels or stuff.

The making process of the post-apocalyptic outfits

We really made this calendar together, just like the outfits. Most of the outfits have been a collaboration between multiple creators. Just like the outfits for the post-apocalyptic shoot. A dragking and dragqueen model were used for this shoot. Designer Stefanie Wels came up with the basis for the outfit together with model Shaun (dragqueen Fabric Thread). Shaun also has a good eye for design and together they came up with a sexy design with three colors of lace and pearl necklaces. The outfit had to be both sexy and exude the redundancy of luxury in a post-apocalyptic setting.

Lingerie designer Meghan Hutchens produced and perfected the design. She is a professional lingerie designer at a large company and is happy to help us. She has brought Stefanie’s design to life. Meghan thought creating a garment for the apocalyptic shoot was a fantastic assignment because it was almost limitless in design possibilities. She wanted to work with the Extinction Rebellion “X” symbol throughout the garment – ​​in an abstract way… so there are a lot of intersecting elements and cut-outs that also give the whole thing an extra erotic touch.

The design came about by draping it on the mannequin, a technique Meghan prefers because it comes alive with every step and placement. She usually designs lingerie with computer aided design and doesn’t often get the chance to really handle and experience fabrics in this way.

The outfit for Eileen (dragqueen Mannish Pixel) was designed by myself, Stephanie Willems and graphic designer Jamie Nee. The design is inspired by the post-apocalyptic film Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. Jamie got to work with the grinder and turned car tires into a statement ‘shoulder padding’ and ‘tock’. I combined two recycled sweaters into a sexy asymmetrical bodysuit. We wanted to emphasize the androgynous look of Mannish Pixel. The outfit has become sexy and strong looking.

In the end, due to a good collaboration between a considerable number of people, two outfits were created that complemented each other well. We work together without ego. There is not one designer, we do it together. Everyone therefore contributes to this calendar free of charge. Nobody gets paid, we do this for the climate, it’s an idealistic product.


At the moment, the calendar is three-quarters ready, it will be finished in October 2021. We hope to launch it at the Dutch Design week and the Kama Sutra fair. The calendar will be sent to a number of ministers as a playful action.

On your grannies toilet

The calendar is inspired by the classic sexy calendars that you sometimes come across in car garages. In contrast to those calendars, our calendar is very suitable for gift giving. There is no explicit nudity in it, just sexy rebels in sexy outfits. So it can easily hang on your grandmother’s toilet, for example.

Do you want to buy our calendar yourself? You can! The calendar can be ordered via our social media. The proceeds will go to Extinction Rebellion and will be used to organize even more climate actions in the future.

Updates about the calendar can be followed via Instagram and Facebook.

This article was written in collaboration with Stefanie Wels and first appeared on Modemuze. Check out the original article here