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Political catwalk

Welcome to the third edition of Political Catwalk!

This editions theme of Political Catwalki is 100 Years of Women’s Suffrage! Based on the theme, the young designers are converting their ideas into outfits for the participating politicians.

We previously worked together with the Amsterdam FashionWeek, this time we are organizing the show in collaboration with. CircL Amsterdam.

During the previous edition we visited designer Bas Kosters. This edition we are proud that we are visiting designer Aziz Bekkaoui to receive feedback on our designs.

Photography: Pieter van Dijen, Els Zweerink and Pasarella
Hair: Freakzduartz and Inpamschair
Stylist: Ellen Rooijakkers

Stephanie Willems (honorable mention), 22 years old from Maurik, designed for the North Holland Statenlid Gideon Everduim (DENK)
My design addresses the inequality between the sexes. At first glance, the design seems masculine. “Feminine” surprise elements have been added. The lining consists of lingerie fabric. When the buckles on the shoulders are open, the outfit shows its femininity, which was previously suppressed. This symbolizes my future dream of equal rights.
Stephanie’s design for Ines Kostic (Statenlid North Holland, PvdD)
This design is inspired by the peacock, an animal that symbolizes showing your true self. Freedom of expression is one of our fundamental rights, but that doesn’t mean you can do it without any danger. The design celebrates femininity in all its forms: Viva la Vulva!
Visiting Aziz Bekkaoui
The participants of Political Catwalk 2019 visit fashion designer Aziz Bekkaoui. During this visit, Aziz explained about his career as a designer and why he often works with social themes. He has often designed for politicians and thus he was able to tell the young designers a lot about this process. Finally, Aziz discussed their design and provided a short commentary.