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costume design & production


Action Man and Barbie outfits made by Stephastique for the project Not so typical. In a society where we pretend that it is generally accepted that a girl wants to become a car mechanic or a boy nail stylist, it actually appears that we still have assumptions about how girls and boys should behave. The #notsotypical project has been developed for children in primary and secondary school. The teaching package is filled with components that create awareness to break

through stereotypes.

Not so typical is developed by Savannah Zuurhout. The idea behind the outfits is that the children of the middle school play the appearance role play about the assumptions and clichés of the appearance of the typical man and woman. The children can exchange the outfits because it is ensured that the clothing is made “one size fits all”. The purpose of the dolls is to introduce children in a playful way to their own assumptions and clichés about what a girl or a boy can or cannot wear. In the beginning the Action Man and the Barbie are dressed in not so typical outfits. The students learn in this way that you can be who you want to be.