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winter 2021

Sexy farm collectie

The collection is made of materials that I came across around the farm where I live.

People often ask me if I don’t find it boring to live in the countryside. For all the people wondering the same: this collection is my answer! The countryside is not boring at all in my eyes. The countryside is sexy, challenging, a source of inspiration, materials and tranquility. Rest is important to me as a designer to be able to focus on developing new creations, such as this sexy farm collection! I love to play with recycled materials, my designs are often an interplay of what the material wants to do and the idea that arises in my head at the same time. Recycled materials can often have a mind of their own because they are, for example, stiff, have a certain shape or other ‘difficult’ property. I think this is a fun challenge.
Photo’s by Mike Pasarella
Models: Savannah and Models by Diversity Model Agency: Ximena, Renate and Puck.
This collection is made from things such as carrot bags, banners, horse blankets, rainwear and other repurposed materials.
The silhouettes are inspired by burlesque. Burlesque is a dance that celebrates femininity. In this dance, the burlesque dancer slowly and stylishly removes her costume, emphasizing the tease. The word Burlesque comes from the Italian word burla, which actually means joke. The idea for this collection actually came about as a joke. I’ve made creations from farm materials before, when someone jokingly said, “Hey, why don’t you just make a whole collection of just these materials?” And so it happened, the Sexy Farm collectie.
This collection was presented during The Hague Fashion Week 2021. The Fashionweek is a non-profit organization that creates platforms for creatives to present their work and connect with the industry.

The aim of The Fashionweek is to create a stage and give guidance to new creatives. There is a lot of talent hidden but little room for the stage that designers of fashion and textiles, fashion photographers, jewelry designers etc. can put to good use to show what they can do and hopefully conquer a place in the difficult to penetrate fashion market. The Fashionweek provides that with fashion events, -shows, -exhibitions, -workshops and collaborations with well known brands and cultural places.
You can find out more about THFW here