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summer 2021

Memento Momentum

We have been free to travel wherever we want to go in our minds

The collection Memento Momentum is inspired by the corona period which we live in today. Memento means remember. Momentum means the force that keeps an object moving or keeps an event developing after it has started. The time we live in now can be a turning point in history if we don’t forget the things we learned from it.
A deadly virus roaming around, having to wear face masks, overcrowded hospitals, mass hysteria and fear: all things that should only be allowed to happen in sci-fi movies. Not in real live. The inspiration for the materials and silhouettes for this collection comes from these movies. I have chosen to use materials such as ropes coming from hay bales and carrot bags, which are quite ‘alien’ materials in the fashion industry. Other materials I used where deadstock sweaters and hoodies which were gifted to me by Poinst Made (@pointsmade ).
Directed by: @dma_models
Music: ‘I no play solo’ by Oshunmare
Models: @edmilson.delgado @djinti_sullivan
@missmia100 @brinel_costa @ximena_van_keulen 
Photography by: @brightcoloursarenotmycupoftea @darksentientofficial
I have hope that when things finally get back to normal people will remember what they have learned from this time. Working from home, traveling less, buying less clothes because we have no particular place to go have all been the result of Corona. These things have been very helpful to the environment. In a way the virus has been a curse to us humans and a blessing to the planet we live on.
Restrictions such as social distancing, cancelled events and closed bars are challenging for many people. But in a way I think this time of isolation can be very educational. When you are in your own company you are able to learn a lot from yourself. I hope people have made proper use of this space, this sudden room for self-discovery. We haven’t been able to physically travel freely lately, but maybe in the end we finally discover that we have been free to travel wherever we want to go in our minds.