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fall 2022

Leftover Lover

lovingly give purpose to leftover and discarded materials

Stephastique’s new collection was presented during Diversity Fashion Week. The collection is inspired by my love for leftovers. I used leftover pieces of yarn, fabric scraps, second hand denim, blankets and curtains to create the collection. The result is a fun and bold western meets bohemian style that explores ways to lovingly give purpose to leftover and discarded materials.
Choreo by: Jerry Luxenburg
Make-up by: Modeste beauty and Glamour makeup international
Hair by: Muah la tip
Styling assistents: Amsterdam fashion academy
Backstage assistent: Savannah Zuurhout
Ride On Cyborg Horse by Lazy laser
Location : The garden of Amsterdam
Event : Diversity fashion week
Partners: Fabuk magazine, Fashion united and D fashion magazine
Models by DMA models:
Natalie, Vanita, Ashlee, Aaron, Nyall, Noah, Brinel, Nelson, Clifford, Rachel, Djennah, Josephine, Angie, Selina and Edmilson