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Partij voor de Dieren Zaanstad

I got the honour to design and make these blazers for Partij voor de Dieren Zaanstad. Melchior, Stella and Esther were looking for a design that represented all the positive changes they would like to see in Zaanstreek and the world.

The blazers are made from organic cotton. I printed the fabric myself, creating a one of a kind nature inspired print. The print I designed consists of different insects, trees, birds and footprints of different kinds of animals and even a few humans can be spotted in the print. The stripes on the arms and sides of the blazers give the blazers a sporty and ‘ready to take action’ kindof touch. The stripes are in the PvdD color and even the buttons are matching.  I also made Melchior a shirt in matching green fabric.

All credits for the photo and logo go to PvdD.