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Hot climate calendar for a better climate

Hot climate calendar for a better climate

Breasts, buttocks & piglets

Extinction Rebellion is deeply concerned about the climate and ecological crisis. That is why they organize ‘creative, peaceful and sometimes disruptive actions” to address this issue draw the attention of government and citizens. One of those actions is the release of an erotic calendar. “Because cat pictures and sex always attract a lot of attention.” Panorama was present at one of the photo shoots.


I designed and made my own outfit for this shoot.
David Pronker (a.k.a Daafit) designed and made Arian her outfit.
Stefanie Wels (a.k.a. Stofenas) designed and made Deniz her outfit.
Location: Vlindertuin Mot in Mokum
Models: Arian Vreugd and Deniz Ozkil and me
Assistents: Bouke Klok, Eileen Velthuis, Jivan Anjee and Lara van der Beek
Photographer of Panorama: Goffe fotografie
Photographer seen in action: Daantje Bons

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